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“He mixes his love of singing with a
motivating and uplifting message about increasing the joy in your life.”

Connie Tyne, Director of Development
The Cooper Institute


All of Richard's speaking programs can be customized and delivered as a keynote, seminar, workshop, breakout or concurrent.

Richard’s Most Requested Speaking Programs

Joy and Empowerment in the Workplace - A Morale Booster
Create and Maintain Joy and Empowerment in the Workplace.

In this highly interactive and experiential session, your employees will be immediately engaged and shortly after will be singing and dancing with Joy. We all have an IQ and we all have an EQ (Emotional Quotient ) In this session, attendees will discover their JQ ( Joy Quotient ) by completing a Joy Quotient Assessment. The JQ Assessment is comprised of forty aspects of Joy. To give you a glimpse of the Assessment, # 6 states “I am readily able to receive” and # 39 states “I take 100% responsibility for my life.” If you would like, the JQ Assessment can be customized for your company. Discovering one’s JQ is fun, insightful, thought provoking and a very powerful tool assisting one on their road to self-mastery. Some of the expected results of attending this session are:

- Higher productivity
- Better time management
- Better relationships
- Higher levels of energy
- Better stress management
- Increased team spirit
- More effective communication

“Mr. Richard Fabozzi presented JOY in the Work Place for our Annual All Employee In-service. Mr. Fabozzi was entertaining as well as enlightening. He truly brought ‘JOY’ into the room with him. He involved everyone in the room and was very energetic and enthusiastic. By the time his presentation was over, the room was very much alive and left many of us wishing he would continue.”
Cynthia Lee, Director, Food & Nutritional Services
Plano Independent School District

Recession-Proof Stress Management
How to Manage Stress Rather Than Being A Victim of It.

Most people cannot give an accurate definition of stress. In this hands-on session, we will discuss what stress really is and isn’t. Attendees will learn how to cope with energy vampires and also explore and experience several stress management tools and techniques; such as incorporating music, proper breathing, laughter therapy, stress busters and relaxation exercises into their lives. Attendees will leave destressed and feeling more equipped to manage stress.

Creative Problem Solving As A Team - A Team Builder
How to make your team experience an atmosphere of achievement, inclusiveness, enthusiasm, encouragement and fun while being part of the solution.

Your team chooses a particular situation /problem in your company/department, etc. that it would like to improve or solve.The process learned to accomplish this is simple, logical, easy and effective. In the end, your group will have decided the best idea - thus, eliminating the usual burden most managers place on themselves to be the finder and the implementer of the solution. The group will be more enthusiastic to implement the proposed solutions because it was their idea. Not an idea that was imposed on them by you.

Developing Laser Focus
How to Be A Master Developer of Laser Focus.

Ever hear yourself say, “I lost my focus?” Did you really lose your focus or just relocate your concentration from one thing to another? In this highly interactive and experiential session, we explore and discuss the meaning of “Laser Focus” and how we allow all kinds of distractions to derail us from achieving our goals. To give a glimpse of the session, one of the nine characteristics of laser focus is, “Do you have total clarity about your vision?” If you don’t have total clarity about your vision or don’t have a vision, how do you know what to focus on? And one of the six ways to develop laser focus is “Eliminating people, situations and habits that are not supporting you and your goals.” You will leave this session with a stronger sense of clarity and a deeper level of self-understanding.

Self-Esteem is The Core of Success
How to Master Your Hub of Self-Love

Dr. Nathaniel Branden, the guru of self-esteem, says there is virtually no aspect of business activity that is not significantly affected by the level of one’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is experiencing our self as being capable and worthy. In this highly interactive and experiential session, we will discuss ten characteristics of high self-esteem and learn fifteen ways to develop high self-esteem. We will also complete a worthiness quotient assessment and a capability quotient assessment and these two exercises will reveal profound insight into ourselves.

My Acronym For "Cancer" Got Me Thru My Throat Cancer Crisis and Can Get You Thru Virtually Any Crisis
How To Stay Cool, Calm and Centered In The Midst of A Crisis.

This program swings back and forth from authentic joy to authentic serious to authentic introspection. It is highly inspiring, insightful, thought-provoking and, at times, entertaining. I interact with my audience and discuss each of the six qualities that got me through my throat cancer crisis and that comprise my acronym for:
Anchored in Faith
Nowness Power
These six qualities can be instrumental in handling virtually any crisis you may face.

Other Programs

The following are Richard's other programs that can be customized and delivered as a keynote, seminar, workshop, breakout or concurrent. These programs are also available to Healthcare Professionals for CEU's:

- Creativity Starts the Whole Activity
- Powerful Presentation Skills
- Changing Your Mind About Change
- Mindfulness - The Art of Being Present
- True Leadership (assessment involved)
- Know Thyself – Feel Good About Thyself
- Attaining and Maintaining High Performance
- Effective Teambuilding (assessment involved)
- Generating and Maintaining Ultra Positive Energy
- Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships (assessment involved)
- The Value of Happiness - How Employee Well-Being Drives Profits (For Managers)

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Partial list of clients:

Alpharetta, GA Adult Activity Center
Atlanta - Buckhead 50 Club
Avila Institute of Gerontology, Inc.
Berkshire Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Berkshire Life Insurance
Buffalo Hospital Supply
Cancer Registrars Association of New England
Cancer Support Community of East Tennessee
Cumulus Media, Knoxville – NewsTalk 98.7
Dallas, TX Area Gerontological Society
Dallas, TX Independent School District
Ebby Halliday Realtors
Greater Knoxville Hospitality Association
Guardian Life Insurance
Hyatt Corporation
Integrated Health Service
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Kindred Healthcare
Knoxville Chapter - Tennessee Society of CPAs
Marriott Corporation
Mary Kay
Massachusetts Extended Care Federation
New York State Healthcare Facilities Association
Northern Berkshire Health Systems
Plano, TX Independent School District
Senior Care Centers
Senior Lifestyle Corporation
Sunrise Senior Living
The Grande Event Center/Knoxville Expo
Toyota Tsusho America
Unity Church of Albany, NY
Unity Church of Dallas, TX
Unity Church of Garland, TX
Unity Church in the Pioneer Valley, Greenfield, MA
YMCA of East Tennessee
YMCA of Keene, New Hampshire

List of Richard's Highly Experiential, Interactive and Transformational Services:

Trade Shows
Lunch and Learn
Executive Coaching
Client Appreciation Programs
Employee Appreciation Programs
Volunteer Appreciation Programs
Continuing Education Programs for Healthcare Professionals
Musical Programs - Musical Dinner Theatres, Singing Phonegrams, Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, Christmas Parties, Anniversary Celebrations, Birthday Parties, Church Groups etc.



Client Testimonials

“As our keynote speaker and emcee, you were able to motivate many of our top-tier accounts to get up and enthusiastically participate in the musical group exercise. Many of them said afterward that they never experienced a networking event like that, thoroughly enjoyed it and made some great connections.”
Gail Henderson, VP, Small Business Financial Services
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

"I was especially pleased and surprised at the extent our men participated in a dialogue that called for them to express their feelings."
D. Ken Rice, General Manager
The Forum by Marriott

“Thank You very much for bringing your “Joyshop” to Coopermark Bank branch managers’ meeting last Friday. I appreciate the extra time and effort you took to customize the workshop for our session. The customization was a valuable addition and your personalization demonstrated a team spirit. A real benefit of the workshop was ‘getting to know’ each other at a deeper level.”

Peggy A. Snapka, VP, Regional Retail Manager
Coopermark Bank

“It was very apparent that Richard took the time to learn the history of Jiminy and to personalize our program accordingly. Midway through the program, our employees were on their feet singing along to the songs formatted to Jiminy Peak's mission.”
Jannette VanDyke, Director of Human Resources
Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

“You were able to engage a well-meaning, highly educated group of stressed out medical professionals into a laughing, sharing and reflecting group of human care takers.”
Marcey Davis Gage, Regional Director of Operations
HealthEssentials, Inc.

“Your seminar had all good information. Very useful and able to relate to daily life and personal life.”
Susan Gancarz, VP, Long Term Care Administrator
Northern Berkshire Health Systems

“Wonderful seminar! It was one of Shore
Pharmacy’s best.”
Kettlyne Pierre, RN, BSN
Seminar attendee at LaGuardia Crowne Plaza

"I just loved this session! I needed it very much due to a personal tragedy and grief.  I believe this seminar has put me on the path to healing.  God led me here today and I initially didn't even want to come because I felt so bad."
J.Thompson, LVN
Dallas, TX

“What a joy to see the expression on the teachers' faces as they enjoyed your motivational speech!  I am convinced your message will impact students' test scores because teachers' positive attitudes filter down to the students and are also contagious among their peers. You have certainly made a difference in my life and will make a positive impact on the lives of students via their teachers through your motivating, inspirational and fun presentation. 
Irma M. Masquifelt, Principal
Dallas Independent School District

"Thank you so much for your commitment to others.  Your presentations to us have been the perfect balance of challenge and fun. Your work would benefit any organization that is committed to its greatest resource, its associates. 
L. Roberts, Administrator
Williamsburg Village

“You got members of our normally conservative audience up, out of their chairs, singing, dancing, up on–stage and even on TV, no less! People who I know that are usually reserved from the limelight were jumping up to be part of the fun. I have never received so many after-show comments as we had with your presentation on “Joy in the Workplace.”
Stephen M. Booher, Senior Training Specialist
City of Irving, Tx

“I heard people laugh. I saw them get involved (much more than I have seen at any other meeting). I heard them share with each other how much fun and ‘Joy’ you brought. You had everyone in the room up and moving with your stimulating and interactive exercises. Thank you for the ‘Joy’ you gave Dallas ASTD!”
Pauline Shirley, Past President
Dallas ASTD

This is the result of one of Richard's phonegrams (singing telegrams):

Zig Ziglar said that he and his wife, Jean, were honored and pleased when Richard called and sang to her on Mother's Day. She enjoyed it so much she asked Richard to sing to her a second time. This time she put him on speakerphone so Zig and the whole family could enjoy it. And indeed they did!



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