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“What gives you joy? This warm, wonderful inspirational book shows you what joy is and
how to fill your life with it. It is a great subject
and Richard handles it in a great way.”

Brian Tracy, World Renowned Success Expert
and Best Selling Author


A former student of Zig Ziglar and former student of Zig's Mentor Fred Smith.

"Award-Winning Finalist in the ‘Self-Help: Journals & Quotes’ category of The 2013 USA Best Book Awards,
sponsored by USA Book News."

"Second Round Finalist in the 2018 Jeanne Robertson Humor Competition."


We were lucky enough to have Richard Fabozzi facilitate a lunch and learn on The Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships through the University of Tennessee. Richard was very engaging, informative and entertaining during his 90 minute session. Our staff was extremely immersed in his teachings, and did not want the class to end. After the session, I received many comments about how Richard was the best facilitator that we have had and they hoped he could return to teach another class. All of our participating staff has continued to praise Richard's style of presentation, which included content delivered in a passionate, humorous and professional manner.

It is without question that we would recommend Richard for any class facilitation or entertainment event. It has been a pleasure to work with Richard and we look forward to doing so again in the future.

- Leslie Smith, Director of HR & Operations, Knoxville, TN Chamber

Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying Richard Fabozzi performing his Musical Dinner Theatre presentation at Club LeConte. Richard was so entertaining and energetic and you could tell from the audience’s unbridled enthusiasm that they had a wonderful time. Whether Richard was bringing us all back to the time of famous Crooners’ classics or engaging the audience in high energy dancing in a chorus line, the evening was nonstop excitement and fun. If you get an opportunity to experience Richard and his extremely entertaining presentations, do not let it pass by!

- Jim Johnson, CMP, Executive Director, East Tennessee Meeting Professionals.

Richard provokes thought with his words and evokes heartfelt emotion with his music. Envision Richard having a mixture of your company's executives and employees or your association members up doing the New York chorus line or Dean Martin's "Sway" in Michael Bublé's way. Not only is this fun, but this experience creates a great feeling of connectedness, inclusiveness and an authentic aliveness throughout the entire audience. Audience participation is always optional.

Whether he is presenting his "Joy in the Workplace" seminar, a stress management workshop or performing his "Tribute to the Rat Pack" musical program, Richard immediately creates an intimate connection with his audiences. All his programs are highly interactive, experiential and transformative. He understands that creating a safe, positive and relaxed atmosphere is conducive to achieving optimal results.


Joy Quotient

If you would like to preview/
purchase my book,
"The Joy Quotient - Discover Your Joy Level And Be Inspired By 101 Photoquotes About Joy"

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Richard has been hired for at least one of his services by a Marketing Manager, Meeting Planner, HR Executive, Wellness Program Director, Sales Manager and Event Planner. Thank you for sharing his information with the corresponding Professionals in your company.

"Sharing your own personal story of cancer treatment and recovery was especially meaningful to our audience. Letting people know that your Joy comes from a deep place of intention, having weathered difficult challenges that come with cancer, helps others know that it is possible for them too."

- Debra J.Sullivan, Ph.D., Program Director,
Beth A. Hamil, Executive Director,
Cancer Support Community, East TN


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